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Thirty two years ago two school boys made to the headlines in Mumbai. One boy was just about to become 15 and his partner was 16 years old. Batting for Shardashram Vidyamandir School against St Xavier’s, Sachin Tendulkar scored 329 and his partner Vinod Kambli scored 349, ending up with 664-run partnership when their team declared.

In his first one day international match Sachin was dismissed without scoring a single run. In the whole series he did not get to bat again. He was bowled by ace fast bowler Waqar Younis in his debut test match. In another test match he received a bloody blow in the nose by Waqar. In the next series against New Zealand he played in 2 match – scored zero in one.

Vinod Kambli too made a shaky start in OD career. But in test cricket he made a flying start by scoring a double century in the first series against England. In the next test he scored another double century. He is the only cricketer to hit three consecutive test centuries in three innings, all centuries against different countries.

Despite having the highest career batting average for an Indian test cricketer, Kambli’s test career ended at the age of 24.

Sachin Tendulkar on the other hand ended his career as the only batsmas scoring 100 international centuries. First player to score double century in one day format, only player to score 30,000 plus international runs and highest run scorers in test & ODI formats are some of the key statistics that speak for him. He was awarded Bharat Ratna in 2014.  

Kambli’s biography was titled as ‘The Lost Hero’, whereas Sachin Tendulkar is regarded as a best batsman the game has ever produced. ‘If Cricket is a Religion, Sachin is God’ and ‘The Story of the World’s Greatest Batsman’ are a couple of titles about him that reflect the kind of reputation he has attained.

What made the difference between there 2 extremely talented players from Mumbai? What contributed to the long term success of Sachin as compared to his friend?

Even Sachin had his share of bad patches, shaky start, criticisms etc. He tried to be consistent, worked on his weakness while sustaining his strength areas, ensured that success did not go to head, made sure he was not involved in any controversies he rather let his performance speak. There was a phase in his career when he had to take a break from the game to recover his back injury. He had the resolve to recover from the setback and resume his game.

We have few valuable lessons from the life story of Kambli and Tendulkar.

Two persons graduating from same college starting their career in the same company at same position will not end up same at the end of their careers. It is the ability to maintain consistency, endurance, learning from mistakes, keeping long term goals, not getting distracted from the focus and continuous improvement will differentiate their fortunes.

Whether the person learns new things, invests his time & money wisely, spend his time & resources effectively, financial literacy, the kind of investments in stocks and mutual funds, spending habits, adhering to financial goals, budgeting etc are key aspects.

It short it is called DISCIPLINE, financial discipline to be precise.

Post Author: Chellamuthu Kuppusamy

Chellamuthu Kuppusamy is an eminent Investment Author and Personal Finance coach.

He is committed towards improved financial literacy in the society. He continues to remark that people should be sufficiently informed about money related matters so that they don’t get misled by financial agents, brokers and salesmen. He has appeared on TV programs and his articles continue to appear on magazines.

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